Why Retiring Is Not Always Easy: Words of Wisdom From Craig Clissold


Craig Clissold worked with the Honolulu Police Department for 30 years; he did and learned a lot in his time there. Apparently, there is some research that says that it take 11 days to form a new habit, whether that’s true or not, it’s easy to see that it’s pretty hard to break a 30-year-long habit. Craig Clissold has always enjoyed vacations and taking some time away from work, but taking such an extended vacation was hard.

Craig Clissold says people often talk about retirement as if they are going to be fulfilled playing golf all day, five days a week.  However, it is like the saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing. Aside from being a hard habit to break, work is a vital part of how many people define themselves. Craig Clissold worked hard to grow in his career because he was passionate about the opportunities it gave him. Craig Clissold says all the golf in the world could not replace the feeling he got from the role he played in the Honolulu community as a police officer.

Craig Clissold knew himself well enough to know that he would not be happy to sit at home and spend his days playing golf just yet. Craig Clissold says he still has lots of energy and lots to contribute to others. Craig Clissold cannot justify not continuing to follow his passions while he still has the energy and will to do so.

Craig Clissold encourages those approaching retirement to consider whether they have accomplished everything that they’ve wanted to and how they plan to fill all the free time that it brings. Craig Clissold says that although retirement age takes years to get to, it has a tendency to arrive quickly once you reach those last few years.


Top 2 Reasons That Craig Clissold Loves Living in Hawaii


Going to Hawaii is on many people’s lists for an ideal vacation. Some, like Craig Clissold, do not have to plan vacations that they will never take to Hawaii. Instead, Hawaiians get up and go about their workdays as others do in places that are not as picture perfect. There are several reasons that Craig Clissold enjoys living in Hawaii, he wants to share his top two.


Craig Clissold actually enjoys tourists. Although sometimes, during the peak season, the sheer numbers of tourists can seem a bit overwhelming, Craig Clissold them because it keeps the crowd in Hawaii very fluid. There are always different types of people coming and going all over the island, doing a million different things. One of Craig Clissold’s favorite things to ask tourists is what brought them out to Hawaii. The occasions and activities that draw them in are so varied and unpredictable; Craig Clissold always finds it an interesting way to learn new things about people.


Craig Clissold’s favorite thing about Hawaii is the views. It seems like there is a beautiful view wherever you go on the island and even if you see it every day, it never ceases to be beautiful. Craig Clissold enjoys his treks around the island. Whether he is on the golf course or driving around on patrol, Craig Clissold says there always seems to be a new beautiful sight to see. It makes life just a little bit more relaxing when you are doing your day-to-day business in an area as beautiful as this.


Craig Clissold encourages everyone to come out and visit the islands. They are definitely a sight to see and certainly different from the scenery that most people find themselves surrounded by on a daily basis. Craig Clissold always tells people to come and pick out their own favorite thing about Hawaii.

Know Your Neighbors: Craig Clissold’s Advice


Once upon a time, the world used to be a place where people socialized with their neighbors. They used to have dinners and parties and go out of their way to speak to each other. Craig Clissold enjoys living on an island because it’s more like existing in a giant neighborhood. You don’t feel like a tiny blip on a huge landmass, instead you ‘re a tiny blip on a proportionately tiny island.

Craig Clissold is not against technology by any means and while it has made some forms of communication easier, it has also removed a lot of the world’s person-to-person dynamic. Most people now get their interactions in a person-to-machine-to person manner.

Craig Clissold will admit to not knowing his neighbors as well as he’d like. Sometimes, as he wanders down the street looking for his cat, he bumps into people that he’s never really spoken with or even seen that much.

Still, Craig Clissold thinks that the country as a whole has lost touch with its neighbors. Craig Clissold is all about people feeling as safe in their homes as possible. Craig Clissold encourages people to pop by and meet their neighbors and have a chat from time to time. The only people who may know the hours that you keep better than you are your neighbors. Establishing a dialogue with your neighbors can be helpful to you, training another watchful eye on your house.

Unfortunately, in recent years, child abductions have been on the rise. Sometimes it turns out that missing children have been held in captivity pretty close to home, but no one knew the suspect well enough, or at all even, to be wary of them either before or after something happened. Craig Clissold thinks people should really work on getting to know their neighbors. Greetings are usually a good place to start.

Animals: Why Craig Clissold Enjoys Them


As a veteran of the Honolulu Police Department, Craig Clissold chose a career path in which it is important to be able to get a good read on people. It is because of this that Craig Clissold so enjoys animal.

Craig Clissold says if you ask anyone with a pet, they will most likely tell you that animals have a tendency to be extremely good at judging people and their character. Maybe it’s because people are generally not on their guard around animals like they work to be with other people.

Craig Clissold has a cat. Craig Clissold will tell you, like any other cat owner, that cats have quite the independent streak. Craig Clissold enjoys his cat though; apart from having to make sure that she doesn’t end up in places that might get her into trouble, Craig Clissold doesn’t have to worry too much about her. Craig Clissold says that part of the reason that he likes cats so much is that they are picky. Dogs have a tendency to be better socialized and are friendly with people who approach them correctly. Cats are much more finicky about the people they spend their time with. Craig Clissold says he always feels a little bit better about himself because his cat seems to like him.

Craig Clissold also enjoys animals because, for the most part, animals don’t get caught up in pettiness like people do. Almost everything an animal does is a reaction to an action; people aren’t like that as much. Craig Clissold enjoys strolling through the zoo peeking at the animals and thinking about how they could probably never comprehend the idea of a zoo.

Craig Clissold thinks that there are certain lessons that people can take from animals; for example, simple living. Craig Clissold sometimes thinks that thumbs and large brains may serve to be the ruination of humanity. It seems to make many people incapable of living simply and prioritizing their wants and needs.

Craig Clissold Warns Parents to Research their Children’s Caregivers


Craig Clissold’s wife cares for children in their home. Because his wife uses their home for childcare, even Craig Clissold, who is only occasionally involved with assisting, had to go through a strict background check. Craig Clissold and his wife had no criminal charges on their records and have never been denied a license to run a daycare in their home.

Before you send your child to anyone for daycare, be sure to check up with your state about their licensing and credentials. States keep copies of those things on file, whether or not you take your child to a commercial building or to someone’s home for daycare. Craig Clissold says parents often make a decision based solely on a visit to the facility, but it’s important to always check backgrounds as well.

Don’t trust a facility to volunteer information. Craig Clissold says that people are often more likely to research a car purchase or a computer purchase than checking into the daycare that their child attends. Craig Clissold always reminds people to be sure to do a check regardless of who might recommend a place to you.

Just because your best friend’s daughter had an excellent time somewhere 4 years ago doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still check up on the establishment. Craig Clissold reminds people that childcare facilities are required to file paperwork and have background checks on every employee that might come into contact with your child. The current employees could be different from the ones that were there when your friend’s daughter previously attended. Even worse, there could’ve been an incident neither one of you were aware of. When it comes to your children, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Craig Clissold and wife always encourage people to go look into their license because they want people to be confident that their children are safe in their home.

The Benefits of Being a Working Student: Craig Clissold’s Experience


Craig Clissold’s work is what inspired him to go back to school in the first place. Craig Clissold is so glad that he got to have his work and school experience in the way that he did. It was a wonderful opportunity for Craig Clissold to apply what he was learning in the classroom to a job he already had.

Craig Clissold earned degrees in both Police Science and Justice Management. Craig Clissold had begun his work at the police department before he started either degree, but as he realized that law enforcement was the perfect place for him with his desire to help others, he decided to extend the amount that he could do by learning more.  Because Craig Clissold was already in place at the police department, as he was earning his degrees, he had the ability to experience what his textbooks described firsthand. As he learned new techniques and tactics, he was able to put them to work on a daily basis.

Craig Clissold says that the experience was a bit like having a paid lab. Craig Clissold studied ways to manage and handle things, then he went to work and was able to better understand textbook concepts with the ability to take them head on and with a department full of officers to help him tackle learning those things.

While that particular learning experience isn’t recommended for every type of degree that a person might try to earn, it was useful to Craig Clissold’s experience. His passion for his career in law enforcement grew even more as he saw that he truly had the ability to apply everything he was learning to his career. Craig Clissold was not a victim of the feeling that he wasn’t going to use anything he learned, instead Craig Clissold had the opportunity to use that material every single day during and after earning his degree.

Taking Care of Those Who Can’t Care For Themselves: How Craig Clissold Thinks People Should Make Caring for Others a Priority


Craig Clissold has spent his life caring for others. Craig Clissold has done this professionally as a police officer, as well as personally as a son and a nephew. Craig Clissold sees his wife demonstrate that same devotion to the care of others everyday as she cares for the children at the daycare that she runs in their home.


Craig Clissold feels that people have a responsibility to take care of those who are not able to care for themselves on their own. Obviously, most people feel this way about children, but Craig Clissold believes that thinking should apply to everyone, regardless of age.  Craig Clissold says that everyone encounters some situations that they are not capable of handling alone, whether that is because of physical incapability or another reason, like a phobia.


Craig Clissold enjoyed the time he spent in law enforcement and has continued his career in security because he appreciates having the opportunity to help others on a daily basis. While most people’s work is a service to others in some way because of the nature of supply and demand, it differs from those in emergency and rescue services. Craig Clissold appreciates having had the opportunity to help those in his community of Honolulu and to have worked alongside the people who make that a top priority.


Craig Clissold encourages people to think about how they feel about being helped with something that they aren’t capable of doing on their own. It could be something as simple as having someone get something for you off a high shelf or as difficult as helping you get around, change, and move after a major surgery.  Craig Clissold says thinking about your response to getting help may be just the thing to make a person change their attitude about giving help to others.

Appreciating Law Enforcement


Craig Clissold worked as a law enforcement officer for 30 years and is therefore aware that often people do not appreciate the role that law enforcement officers play in our society.  Craig Clissold often hears people talking about police officers, usually sounding annoyed. In their usual interactions with law enforcement, people tend to view them as an interruption and a nuisance.  People do, however, expect the police to promptly appear whenever they find them necessary.


Craig Clissold thinks that people don’t realize the danger of the job that officers at every level face. From traffic cops to homicide detectives, every officer puts their life on the line every day. An inattentive or reckless driver can turn a traffic stop into a tragedy for an officer’s family. If you go online and look at videos from police car dashboard camera, you’ll see an amazing array of situations that officers must deal with.


Craig Clissold thinks that people should respect police officers for what they are. People work hard to celebrate those who serve their country in the armed forces and Craig Clissold thinks that those who serve their country by enforcing its laws should receive that same type of respect.


While police officers may have time off duty, they are engaged in one profession in which there isn’t often time away from the job. Craig Clissold points out that if an off-duty officer were at a convenience store during a robbery, that officer wouldn’t stand by idly just because they weren’t on the clock.

Craig Clissold thinks it’s necessary to remind people of how important police officers are to our society. Most people only encounter police officers during routine traffic stops or after traffic accidents, but Craig Clissold reminds people that this is the case because the system works and officers are serving their function.

Tips to Keep Your Property Secure By Retired Police Officer Craig Clissold


Having spent over 30 years working in security and law enforcement, Craig Clissold has learned several things that property owners can do in order to keep their property safer.

Craig Clissold’s first suggestion to property owners is always lighting. Keeping your property well lit is a deterrent to those who might be thinking about slipping through undetected in the shadows. A well-lit property also makes it easier for both you and law enforcement to check out suspicious noises or movement if they occur.

Craig Clissold also suggests the obvious step when talking to property owners about securing their property. Though many people are wary of the investment an alarm system entails, Craig Clissold does encourage homeowners to invest in them. In recent years, even the simplest alarm systems have advanced enough to detect dangers to people and property, including carbon monoxide and fire. Alerting a homeowner to an intruder is often an added bonus to features that can help keep people and their families safer.

Craig Clissold also tries to inform homeowners about the usefulness of fences. While generally a white picket fence is not going to be the best guard against someone setting foot on your property, Craig Clissold says that trespassers may be deterred by an enclosed yard for fear of an animal present within its boundaries.

Craig Clissold stresses to property owners the importance of securing their property. Craig Clissold says that often people do not take the necessary steps to secure their property until after there has been an incident. A burglary or property damage can cost property owners money, as well as affecting their feelings of safety in their own homes. Craig Clissold says that taking some simple steps, like the tips that he has given above, can help spare property owners from ever having to have such a frightening experience.